Welcome to Jimbo’s Community Nursery

Our mission

To provide first-class childcare in a safe and stimulating environment that helps children to grow into confident, capable and happy young people.

Here at Jimbo’s, we are focused on providing a safe and stimulating environment for children. We will help them to develop their social, physical and emotional skills by learning through play. There will be a balance of child and adult led activities available and we will work with you to plan for your child’s next steps in learning.

We’re focused on delivering high quality care that enables children to grow and learn, whilst also nurturing them and making them feel safe and secure. Cuddles can be just as important as curriculums!

We are an inclusive nursery and it is our aim to admit all children regardless of their gender, race, culture, religious belief, family circumstances, ethnic origin, disabilities or special educational needs. Staff will always be available for parents to discuss their child’s needs and development.

Highly experienced and committed staff, coupled with first class indoor and outdoor play areas make Jimbo’s a great choice for your child.